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The book "Teaching Music Performance in Higher Education: Exploring the Potential of Artistic Research," co-edited by researchers from INET-md, Gilvano Dalagna, and Jorge Salgado Correia, in partnership with Helen Julia Minors and Stefan Östersj, is now available in open access. Published by Open Book Publishers, this is the second output released under the REACT project: Rethinking Music Performance in European Higher Education Institutions, funded by ERASMUS+.
Higher Music Performance Education, as taught and learned in universities and conservatoires in Europe, is transforming. Since the nineteenth century, the master-apprentice pedagogical model has dominated, creating a learning environment that emphasises the development of technical skills rather than critical and creative faculties. This book contributes to the renewal of this field by being the first to address the potential of artistic research in developing student-centred approaches and greater student autonomy. This potential is demonstrated in chapters illustrating artistic research projects embedded within higher music education courses across Europe, with examples ranging from instrumental tuition and ensemble work to the development of professional employability skills and inclusive practices. Bringing together diverse and experienced voices working within Higher Music Education but often also as professional performers, this edited collection pairs critical reflection with artistic insight to present new approaches to curricula for teaching interpretation and performance. It calls for greater collaboration between Higher Education and professional music institutions to create closer bonds with music industries and improve students’ career opportunities. Teaching Music Performance in Higher Education will appeal to scholars, performers, and teachers, but also students whose interests center on innovative practices in conservatoires and music departments.
Jorge Salgado Correia, Helen Julia Minors, Gilvano Dalagna, Stefan Östersjö, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Carl Holmgren, Fausto Lessa Pizzol,  Mikael Bäckman, Clarissa Foletto, Loulia Papageorgi, Robert Sholl,  Jacob Thompson-Bell, Mariam Kharatyan, Daniel J. Mawson, Nahielly Palacios, Richard Fay, Helen Julia Minors, Odd Torleiv Furnes, Randi Margrethe Eidsaa, Sarah-Jane Gibson.
 You can read the book in open access here.