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The REACT project - Rethinking Musical Performance in European Higher Education Music Institutions funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme and leaded by researchers from the University of Aveiro developed, together with four other European institutions, the first report on the needs of artistic careers in the music industries in a European context.
The report entitled "Artistic Career in Music: Stakeholders requirement report" was produced by researchers from INET-md: Institute of Etnomusicology – Centre of Studies in Music and Dance and from the Department of Communication and Art, together with the other partners of the project (EDEX – Educational Excellence Corporation LTD in Cyprus, Lulea Tekniska Universiteit in Sweden, Taideyliopisto in Finland, and University of Agder in Norway). Reports of this nature in the area of music, are quite common in countries such as the UK, Australia, the US and Canada. However, they are scarce in European countries. This is the first pan-European perspective related to the possibilities of musicians that finish their studies in higher education, the challenges faced and the needs for institutional change.
The report provides a set of individual requirements regarding what musicians need to do to position themselves professionally as performers, as well as institutional requirements regarding what institutions need to provide to students who want to develop a sustainable career in the music industries. The report can be freely accessed at the following email address: http://react.web.ua.pt/?page_id=639.