• Batuque
Defining the vibration behaviour and the respective tuning of the Mafra carrillon, an impressive set of 102 bells presented as the two biggest of its kind that survived in Europe since the XVII century, is the goal of the research project led by Vincent Debut now awarded with the Collaborative Research Prize Santander Totta / Universidade Nova de Lisboa. This initiative resulted from a partnership between the INET-md (FCSH | NOVA) and CENIMAT / I3N (FCT | NOVA), has as "ultimate goal to contribute to the preservation of this important cultural heritage through the scientific advances of two areas that rarely intersect: Materials Sciences and Acoustics. The Collaborative Research Prize Santander Totta / Universidade Nova de Lisboa aims to distinguish research projects developed by junior researchers from NOVA Junior from an interdisciplinary perspective involving at least two organic units of the University, The Prize represents a monetary amount of 25 thousand euros.