• Dança 5
30.06.2021 | online
Congratulations to Marco Roque de Freitas — and the rest of the team at Infraestrutura Rossio — for the award for best article at the International Conference on ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities 2021. The prize, with a cash value of €1,000, was won by Gonçalo Melo da Silva, Ana Celeste Glória, Ângela Salgueiro, Bruno Almeida, Daniel Monteiro, Marco Roque de Freitas and Nuno Freire. The presentation of the communication “ROSSIO Infrastructure: the digital research tool for Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities” took place on June 30, with the presentation of the services and the process of development and implementation of the future platform. The communication was very well received by the audience, who voted this article as the best of a congress that brings together more than 1000 participants from around 20 countries. The conference is organized by the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and aims to bring together leading researchers from the Social and Human Sciences, computer scientists, computer scientists and others to exchange ideas and share their experiences and research results in all aspects of technology of information and communication. The article will soon be published in an indexed journal.