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Integrado | Investigador Júnior
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
Tel: (+351) 234 370 389 (ext. 23700)


Maria Fernandes is currently a Master’s student in Information Management and Curation, a master that involves two faculties from NOVA University [Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) and Information Management School (IMS)]. She is a scholarship holder from INET- Aveiro, integrating a project about Portuguese musical associations denominated "Our music, our world: musical associations, philarmonic bands and local communities (1880-2018)". She is also a researcher at the Centre for the Study of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM), integrating the Musical Iconography Group (NIM). She holds a post-graduate degree and a B.A. in Musicology from NOVA-FCSH. Since 2017, she has been Vice President of Da Capo Portuguese Musical Magazine.