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PhD Candidate
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas | Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Av. de Berna, n.º 26 C
1069-061 Lisboa
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: (+351) 21 790 83 00 (ext. 1583)


Gianira Ferrara holds a Bachelor degree in Ethnomusicology from the Palermo University (Italy) and a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology from the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences – Universidade Nova, in Lisbon (Portugal). She is currently a recipient of a research grant funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT- MCTES) in the framework of The Doctoral Program– Music as Culture and Cognition, in the same University. Whilst still in Italy she developed an interest in the Portuguese musical practices of adufe, in Beira-Baixa, Portugal. In Portugal her research was based on relations between music, memory and migration focusing on the expressive practices between “decolonization migrants” from Angola. For her PhD she investigates the expressive practice of timbila of South of Mozambique. At the moment she integrates in INET- md the research project “Timbila, Makwayela and Marrabenta: a century of musical representation of Mozambique”. Projects of R&D (FCT). PTDC/CPC-MMU/6626/2014.
Doctoral Project