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Collaborator Doctor
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: (+351) 234 370 389 (ext. 23700)


Maria Isabel Ribeiro de Castro was born in Fontelonga, Carrazeda de Ansiães (Portugal). She is a member of the Music Department at the School of Higher Education, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, as Associate Professor. She has performed multiple duties: Department Coordinator (2000-2012); Director of Music Teaching in Elementary Education Master’s Degree (2009-2012); President of the Scientific Committee of the Music Education in Primary School Master’s Degree (2007-2012); Scientific /Technical Advisor of ESEB (2003- 2010); Member of the Permanent Executive Board of the ESE (2008-2010); Pedagogical Advisor of ESE (2004-2009); Member of the Direction Board of the IPB (2003-2009); Director and founding member of Bragança Music Conservatory (2003-2009). Degree in Historical Sciences; Degree in Music Education; Master’s Degree in Psychology – specialization in Music Psychology; Post-Graduation Degree in Psychology; Qualified Music Specialist. She has published articles in books and scientific articles in academic journals. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Aveiro, DECA, supervised by Professor Susana Sardo.