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PhD Student
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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Mathilde Martins (Strasbourg, 1997) is a Portuguese composer who holds a master's degree in music. In 2013, he began his studies at the Conservatory of Music of Jobra and completed the 8th degree of piano. In 2016, he entered the Music course at the University of Aveiro where he graduated and achieved a master's degree in Music with the dissertation "The contemplation of Nature as a mechanics of sensitization to the creation of Frames of an Introspective Narrative" (2021). She is currently enrolled in the composition area in the Master's degree in Music Teaching and in the PHD in Music of the University of Aveiro.

Her interests in scientific, technological, and artistic-cultural production are related to the theme of the divulgation of cultural and natural heritage through the artistic creation of mixed music and multimedia concert.


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Doctoral Project
The acoustic documentary mediator for the dissemination and preservation of heritage: the case of the megalithic monuments of Sever do Vouga

Isabel Soveral


The project aims to develop a work that demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of the acoustic documentary as a way of preserving and promoting the historical and natural heritage, from a creative perspective.
In a world of constant environmental changes, the need for ecological militancy and struggle for the sustainability of the planet becomes indispensable. The acoustic documentary, a work that unites musical creation and sound document, emerges as a tool that allows to inform and transmit ideals of ecological ideological manifesto. Social commitment can be expressed through the creation of an acoustic work that involves a deep connection between the listener and the composition, merging the "reality" of the world with the immateriality and abstraction of sounds and music.
In order to demonstrate the potential of the acousmatic documentary as a tool for the preservation and sustainable dissemination of historical and natural heritage, the work will be applied in a practical way with the composition of Shadows, a cycle of acoustic documentaries about nature and the megalithic monuments of the municipality of Sever do Vouga. Along a sound journey that will have as main sources the natural heritage and intangible heritage, the realization of this cycle of documentaries will present a historical narrative about the megalithic monuments. To this narrative that will inform about the prehistoric past of the area, will intertwine the theme of the duality of man and nature in a perspective of sensitizing to the sustainability of the planet and its entire heritage.
Keywords: Composition; Ecological art; Acousmatic documentary; Sound document; Music; Sustainability; Heritage; Values; Soundscape.