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PhD Student
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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Daiana Maciel da Silva is a composer and conductor graduated in Choral Composition and Conducting from the Baptist Theological Seminary College of Northern Brazil, graduated in Orchestral Composition and post-graduated in Choral Conducting from the Federal University of Bahia/Brazil. She has a Masters in Music Composition from the University of Aveiro / Portugal and a PhD student in Music Composition from the University of Aveiro. She studied music composition with Paulo Costa Lima, Wellington Gomes and Sara Carvalho. As a conductor, she participated in International Festivals under the guidance of conductors Jean Reis and Isaac Karabtchevsky.

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Doctoral Project
The use of digital platforms as a tool in the realization of an interative concert


Gilberto Bernardes Almeida
The use of games is increasingly present in different contexts. The growing number of people adept at BoardGames, as well as electronic games (computers and smartphones) shows the trend of a society increasingly interested in this playful and digital universe.In arts it is no different. There is also a growing number of artists who use games in their works, and the interest on the part of researchers to investigate the results of the art-game relationship is increasing.Based on these principles, this paper involves a triadic relationship between musical creation, gamification and technology, and focuses on the direct action of the public in the realization of a concert with works composed in the structure of games, through Apps and digital platforms.This investigation will reflect the audience interaction, the dimensions of collective and individual engagement in each musical work, and proposes to solve the lack of engagement that occurs in interactive concerts through strategies and tools necessary to obtain satisfactory results in works with different types of games

Keywords: Music, Composition, Gamification, Audience, Digital platforms.