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PhD Candidate
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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Tel: (+351) 234 370 389 (ext. 23700)


Daniel Escudeiro, educator, classical guitarist and composer. His artistic interest is the musical composition and production of soundtrack (live) in theater and dance. He worked mainly with the theater group "Imagens" in the play Dr. Qorpo (2009-2017), controversial playwright and precursor of surrealism of century XIX. He received his Bachelor of Music (habilitation - classical guitar) from UFRN (2004) and Bachelor of Music from UECE (2009). In Porto Iracema das Artes (2013) he made the modules Course of Sonoplasty I - Basic Notions and Course of Sonoplasty II - Research and Creation of Track.He organized and participated in several events related to musical composition and classical guitar in Salvador, Natal and Fortaleza. He concluded his Masters in Composition at UFBA (2012) with research that incorporates aspects of instrumental practice, intertextual literary theory and musical composition. He has dedicated himself to studying intertextuality in the scope of research and as a compositional tool. He is a member of the research group "Composition UECE" and "Research in Music, Culture and Music Education - UECE", linked to the State University of Ceará (Brazil). He is currently ongoing doctorate in music from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) with research involving collaboration and intertextuality.
Doctoral Project
For a musical compositional practice between composers
This project is inserted in the context of artistic creation in musical composition. It aims to develop tools, strategies and compositional approaches from the perspective of collaboration and intertextuality when practiced among composers. For this, it reflects through multiple case studies designed from a survey of methodology of compositional practice, which will be the environment of collective practice and research. This research has a strong affinity with action research (Tripp, 2015), when dealing with the question of methodology and improvement of practice, with artistic research (López-Cano & San Cristóbal, 2014), when dealing with questions about practice and musical creation, and with case studies when working with a specific universe to which we want to understand (Yin, 2001). The aim here is to construct a way for the understanding of bridges or connections in the collaboration between composers, for the creation of original works. The group will be composed of 17 (seventeen) people selected among music composers (6, six), letter (2, two) and instrumentalists (9, nine). The researcher will be participating in the group as a composer. Whether in the group, or individually, works will be generated in the following genres: (1) popular song (chords / melody); (2) lyric song; (3) instrumental / acousmatic; and (4) mixed (combining the previous genres).