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Integrated Doctor
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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In 2017, Cristiana Spadaro completed her PhD in Music (Performance - Coral Conducting, with a thesis entitled "The motets of Giovanni Giorgi. Critical edition of tewnty motets composed for the Patriarchal Basilica and the Royal Chapel of Lisbon), at the University of Aveiro. In 2001, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Music, specialized in harpsichord, in the Conservatório Superior de Lisboa.
In 1998, she was granted the Prix de Virtuosité in organ at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, Switzerland,under the supervision of Lionell Rogg. In 1993, she completed a diploma in Organ and Composition for Organ at the “G. Tartini” Conservatory, in Trieste, Italy.
Currently, she is a professor of organ, harpsichord and conducting at the Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores. She participated in several organ, harpsichord and conducting courses in Italy, Spain and Portugal.
In 2000, she founded the Johann Sebastian Bach Group - Musical Association, devoted to the study and dissemination of early music. She is also the conductor of the Johann Sebastian Bach Choir of the association. Since 2003, she is the artistic director and conductor of the Orfeão Edmundo Machado Oliveira, exploring a broad repertoire from folk to contemporary music. 
She is currently an integrated researcher at INET-md/UA (“Historical Approaches to Musical Performance”).