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Integrated Doctor | Assistant Professor
Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | Universidade de Lisboa
Estrada da Costa
1499-002 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo
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Tel: (+351) 21 414 9179


Margarida Moura, PhD in Human Kinetics – Dance (Portuguese Traditional Dance), and Master in Educational Sciences. Teacher of Dance at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – Universidade de Lisboa – FMH – Ulisboa (Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon) Portugal. She was the coordinator of the undergraduate dance course at the FMH-ULisboa (2008-2018) and co-coordinator of the course in Training Module, Dance at the School: Dances with Tradition - Portuguese and international (2009 to the present), course accredited by Scientific-Pedagogic Council of Continuous Training.
She is researcher (2003 to the present) in INET-md, Portugal, and an expert in Dance didactics and Expressions recognized by the Scientific-Pedagogic Council of Continuous Training (1998 to the present). She is responsible for studies in master's and doctoral degree in Performance Art / Dance and Dance in Education. She teaches "Social Dance Techniques – Portuguese Folkdances", "Techniques of Expression and Communication", "Sociocultural Animation", and "Methodology of Dance Teaching" at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – Ulisboa, Portugal.
She is the author of an ethno-choreographic writing model of Portuguese Traditional Dance (2000). She is speaker on national and international conferences in the fields of dance and teaching education, dance and animation, dance community and ethnocoreology. Recent publications include: papers about traditional Portuguese dances within the framework of Ethnochoreology and education and social animation in multicultural context (2015 to the present) as well as entries about Portuguese traditional dances in the Enciclopédia da Música em Portugal no Século XX (4 vols), Salwa EL-Shawan Castelo-Branco (ed.). Lisboa: Círculo de Leitores/Temas e Debates (2010). In 2017 she received the prize Best Paper in Topic Performing Arts with paper entitled Traditional dances and choreographic composition: sharing and creating together. In S. Lira, R. Amoêda, C. Pinheiro (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intagible Heritage. Sharing Cultures 2017 (pp. 305-312). [CD-ROM]. Barcelos: Greenlines Instituto para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável.

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Research Group: Dance Studies