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Integrated Doctor | Assistant Professor
Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | Universidade de Lisboa
Estrada da Costa
1499-002 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo
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Tel: (+351) 21 414 9179


PhD in Dance. Master of Educational Sciences - dissertation in Dance Education. Dance Teacher in Portugal at the University of Lisbon - Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH-UL), in the Department of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities. Teacher of: Contemporary Dance Technique (1st and 2nd year); Fundamentals of Expression and Communication; Practice of Expression and Communication I - Creative Experiences with Movement; Pedagogy of Dance; Didactics of Creative Dance; Dance Composition; Choreography. Co-producer of 'Dance performances at the University'. Co-coordinator of two Graduate Courses titled 'Dance in Educational Contexts'. Scientific advisor of several PhD theses and Master's dissertations in dance. Jury at PhD exams and Master in public defenses. Researcher integrated at INET-MD, Institute of Ethnomusicology - centre for studies in music and dance/Polo FMH. Member of the Centre for Performing Arts (CEAP). Coordinator of the Pos Graduation 'Dance in the Community'. Participation in National and International Congresses, through lectures, lecture demonstrations, workshops and some by invitation. Actual research interest: Specialized Dance Teaching Dance. Dance as a Performing Art, Inclusive dance. Community Dance.
Author of several articles in the teaching of dance, choreographic composition and creative experiences of the movement. Responsible for workshops in dance technique, choreography and creative dance in Portugal and abroad (namely in Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Brussels, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan). Responsible for short duration dance courses, in contemporary dance, creative dance, dance composition and choreography. Teacher accredited by CCPFC a national structure of Professional Accreditation namely in the fields: Expressions; Specific Didactics (DANCE) and Educational Innovation. Choreographer for more than 30 years at the amateur level in dance community context. It also emphasises the training and creative work with some inclusive companies dance groups, namely 'Companhia Dançando com a Diferença' to debut in Madeira and presentation also in Moscow, at a Theatre and Dance Festival, for an Inclusive dance group at Natal (Cruor Arte Contemporânea - Brasil) with a public final performance. Recently responsible for the Choreographic Inclusive Dance Project, DansaArtes - Companhia de Dança Inclusiva at CERCIMA - Montijo, with several stage presentations. National representative (Portugal) of the 'Dance and the Child International' organisation (Daci).
Research Group: Dance Studies