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Integrated Doctor | Assistant Professor
Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | Universidade de Lisboa
Estrada da Costa
1499-002 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo
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Tel: (+351) 21 414 9179


Luca Aprea is an assistant teacher at the Department of Theater at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema / Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. He has a graduation in Theater Studies by Université Paris 8 – Saint-Denis; a masters degree in Perceptive Psycho-pedagogy by UML-Lisboa; a PhD in Human Psychomotricity with a major in Dancing by the Human Motricity Faculty from Lisbon University, a research carried out under the INET-MD, for which he received support from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
His doctoral thesis entitled: Touch and Difference. A study of the creative emergence in shaping the contemporary interpreter, reflects on the issue of "opening of the body" in contemporary scenic writing. By reflecting on the body under the light of which part of it exceeds the text and the speech, this study proposes the shaping of an infradisciplinary territory different and even opposite to the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary areas explored by new velocities.
In parallel with his teaching and researching work, he co-directs the Madrid based Invenciones Cosmicomicas society, involved in educational projects related to arts and community.
In Portugal he has been part of the artistic direction of O Bando, theater company, between 2002 and 2010.
Since 2008 he collaborates on a regular basis with the Musical Society Músicos do Tejo (Musical Director Marcos Magalhães) with which he has staged operas such as "La Spinalba, ovvero Il vecchio matto" by F. A. de Almeida, (1739). CCB. Partnerships: Mezzo / RTP1. (Opera broadcasted by RTP1 on August 14, 2009). "Lo Frate Nnamorato", by G. B. Pergolesi (1732), CCB. "Le carnaval et la folie", comedie-ballet by C. Destouche (1704). CCB. "Il Trionfo d'Amore", serenade for six voices by F. A. de Almeida (1729). CCB. "Dido e Eneias", H. Purcell (1682). Músicos do Tejo and Coro Gulbenkian. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Grande Auditório).
For the Gulbenkian Orchestra, with musical director Pedro Neves, he staged the contemporary opera "Into the Little Hill", by George Benjamin & Martin Crimp (2006). Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Grande Auditório).
He collaborated with the opera studio of Escola Superior de Música for "Ester", sacred oratory by Antonio Leal Moreira (1786), a co-production of ESML with São Luiz Theatre.
He is preparing the premiere of "Armida", by Josef Mysliveček (1779) for May 2015. Musical director João Paulo Santos, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra - Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB).
Research Group: Dance Studies