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Integrated Doctor
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas | Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Av. de Berna, n.º 26 C
1069-061 Lisboa
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Tel: (+351) 21 790 83 00 (ext. 1583)


A curator and producer of exhibitions since 1996, she served as the Director of Visitor Services at the Pavilion of the Future during Expo '98 (1998) and was the Executive Producer of Exhibitions at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Science Service (2001-2011). She pursued studies in piano, cello, and composition at the Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa, Portugal, and graduated in Musicology (1992). She also completed postgraduate courses in Popular Music Studies (2011) and Acoustic and Sound Studies (2019). 
Alcina has specialized in examining the communicative potential of sound as an integral element of museum exhibitions. She earned her Master's degree in Ethnomusicology/Museology in 2014, and in 2022, she was awarded a PhD for her thesis Communicating Through Sound in Museum Exhibitions: Unravelling a Field of Practice
Currently, she is engaged in several international research projects that investigate how museum visitors interact with sound across representational, emotional, sensorial , and aesthetic dimensions. Her research has led to the publication of numerous articles in journals such as 'Curator', 'Popular Music', and 'Sound Studies'. Additionally, she is the author of the blog objectsofsound.com, which has been selected for inclusion in the publication 'The Blog Book' by MuseumsETC.
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