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On 5th April 2024, a symposium was held at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen (Norway), entitled "Shall we play?: a symposium on music & sound art with participating audiences". The event addressed the participatory role of the audience in music and sound art, emphasizing the importance of the audience as an integral part of the works. Among the event's highlights was the keynote by Sara Carvalho, composer and researcher at INET-md, and the Norwegian premiere of her work "occupied mirrors" (2019), for toy piano and audience, performed by pianist Késia Decoté.
The University of Bergen in Norway hosted a unique event in the field of music and sound art under the title "Shall we play?: a symposium on music & sound art with participating audiences"; the symposium explored the role of the audience not just as listeners and spectators but as participants in the performance. One of the moments of the event was the keynote participation of composer Sara Carvalho, with the paper "Audience participation in live new music pieces: from the score to the performance", where she addressed the issue of contemporary classical music (within the Western tradition) often being perceived by the audience as challenging, usually generating controversial opinions.

The audience was invited to participate in the performance of "occupied mirrors" (2019), written by Sara Carvalho and performed by pianist Késia Decoté. In this piece, Sara Carvalho challenged the normative conventions of ritual by involving the audience in the creation of sound, providing an immersive and interactive experience that reflects on the boundaries between performer, composer, and audience.


More information about the event: https://musicasaninvitation.com/shall-we-play/