• Dança7
This March, the Post-ip group took part in the Women’s Month celebrations with a variety of initiatives. The Pod-ip podcast, launched at the beginning of 2024, dedicated its two monthly episodes to the topic of women and music.
The first episode was organised as a roundtable discussion and featured Helena Marinho, Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro and researcher at INET-md, and Ana Barros, Mónica Chambel and Maria Beatriz de Oliveira, PhD students at this university and members of INET-md.
The second episode was recorded at Cabriolet Music Studio in Porto, with the collaboration of Inês Lamares. In a conversation led by PhD student Gustavo Afonso, Inês gave us an insight into her projects as a sound technician, a job still mostly carried out by men, and the challenges she has overcome throughout her career.
In addition to the podcast, the Post-ip group dedicated the month of March to gathering and sharing testimonies from women in various fields, from music to theatre, from performance to education. These stories, posted daily on Post-ip’s social media channels, invited us to reflect on the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day, highlighting the work and career of countless women in different areas of knowledge, and showing us the journey we still have ahead of us in terms of recognising women’s rights.


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