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The Permanent Seminars of the INET-md Dance Studies Research Group (GIED) are intended to be a forum where all its members (integrated and collaborators), as well as other researchers from the academic, cultural and artistic world, can present their work and discuss ongoing projects and research. The enormous challenges that await us are like a compliment to the insistence and persistence (some would say resilience) that any scientific research represents, with greater evidence in artistic areas, and one of the simple but representative reasons why the Permanent Seminars organized by the Dance Studies Research Group have salmon as their chromatic option, illustrating a continuum against the current, always moving forward in a resilient dynamic of strength and will.
2024-04-16 | 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. |  Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Edifício dos Esteiros, Room 8 | Zoom Room
Free access, in person and online:
Zoom Room
Meeting ID: 91424617651
Pass code: 103923
GhostDance: Exploring the Relationship of the Body with a Virtual Reality Avatar
Rui Filipe Antunes | CICANT 
Cecília de Lima | INET-md
José Siopa | LASIGE

In this seminar, we will present the exploratory project called GhostDance (EXPL/ART-PER/1238/2021). This project questions how our bodily perception is altered when we move with a virtual reality avatar. How do we experience our bodily materiality, the perception of touch, weight, time, and space when our body can be penetrated by a moving immaterial body?


Through computational studies in interaction with phenomenological analysis with dancers, the project aims to contribute to critical thinking towards the new paradigm of disembodied relationships.


In this seminar, we aim to provide a moment of dance with Virtual Reality avatars to all interested participants, which will be followed by an opportunity to share experiences.


More information at: https://ghostdance.ulusofona.pt
Rui Filipe Antunes | Explores human body representations through algorithmic processes. Integrated researcher at CICANT, Universidade Lusófona, he collaborates with INET-md. PI of the Ghostdance project (EXPL/ART-PER/1238/2021), he investigates dance movement in interaction with virtual reality. With a doctorate in Computational Arts and Technologies from Goldsmiths, University of London, he was Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at MIRALab, University of Geneva, and BioISI, University of Lisbon. Earlier, he pursued Sculpture and Visual Arts courses at Ar.Co
Cecília de Lima | Co-coordinator of the Ghostdance project (EXPL/ART-PER/1238/2021). Holds a PhD in Dance from the University of Lisbon and a Master's degree in Choreography from the ArtEZ Faculty of Arts (NL). Professor in the Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Escola Superior de Dança (IPL). Researcher at INET-md, where she conducts research in the field of dance's relationship with phenomenology, cognitive sciences, somatic practices, art education, and digital-media art. From 2016 to 2023, Cecília was a Professor at the Faculty of Human Kinetics (UL). She has been a guest lecturer at various universities, including: Amsterdam Faculty of Arts, ArtEZ Faculty of Arts, and Universidade Aberta – Doctorate in Digital-Media Art. She began her professional career as a choreographer and dancer, working with various European creators, and was co-director of the Canvas Performing Art Company. URL: www.ceciliadelima.com
José Siopa | A Computer Engineering graduate, José is passionate about programming and technological innovation. After completing his bachelor's degree, he decided to further his knowledge through a master's degree in the same field. Alongside his studies, José is an active member of a group dedicated to creating games purely for fun, where he puts his skills into practice and explores his programming vocation. With a creative mind and determination, he constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities to expand his mastery in the field of technology, inspired by the pursuit of excellence and innovation.