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Susana Sardo, a researcher at INET-md, was honored by a delegation from the Government of Goa who came to Portugal on a diplomatic mission. The researcher was honored on March 1 for her work in promoting the culture and heritage of the State of Goa.

The event, held in Lisbon, was attended by Goa government officials, including the director of the Department of Tourism, Suneel Anchipaka, and the 1st secretary of the Indian Embassy in Lisbon, Asha Antony. In addition to these representatives, the Vice-Rector of the University of Aveiro for University-Society Cooperation, João Veloso, and the director of the Department of Communication and Art, Ana Veloso, were also present.


This recognition marks the culmination of decades of dedication by Susana Sardo to the study of music in Goa and its relations with Portugal. "Relations between Portugal and India were re-established in 1975, 50 years ago next year. But Goa only became a state in 1987, so it was only after that year that relations between Portugal and Goa began to strengthen again. I was the first recipient of a grant from the intercultural program between Portugal and India to do research in Goa. I went to Goa in 1987 to do preliminary research leading to my doctorate," she says. "The University of Aveiro has had an agreement with the University of Goa since 2000, which was also brokered by me," she adds. Since 2017, Susana Sardo has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Goa, further strengthening the ties between Portugal and Goa in the academic and cultural fields.