• Dança 2
The Post-ip group, made up of a group of INET-md students, has just released the second episode of the "Pod-ip" Podcast. Available on the group's Youtube and Spotify pages, it features a special guest appearance by Nery Borges, a former member of the Post-ip Group and currently a PhD student at INET-md, in the field of Performance, at the University of Aveiro.
Nery Borges, who has played a significant role in our past activities, returns to share his insights and discoveries in the field of Music. In his research, he explores the use of technologies such as augmented reality, binaural recording, and biofeedback training to promote physiological self-regulation and propensity to experience flow in young music students. The discussion promises to go beyond the conventional boundaries of musical performance, offering a deeper insight into the impact of technological innovations in music. 
The second episode is already available on the group's YouTube page and Spotify page and promises to be a  valuable resource for professionals, students, researchers and those interested in dance in general.