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2024 will mark the 60th anniversary of the RTP Song Contest (Festival RTP da Canção), one of the most iconic television shows in Portugal. Over the last six decades, the Festival has not only been a mirror image of social dynamics, but also a driving force for change, a space for contestation and a stage for the mediation of ideas and values.
This was the motto for the documentary by Sofia Vieira Lopes (researcher at INET-md) and the director Miguel Pimenta (RTP), which will premiere on 7 March on RTP 1 at 9pm, celebrating the 67th anniversary of television in Portugal as well.
Made exclusively from documents in the RTP archive, the documentary features a voice-over by Filomena Cautela.
This documentary is the result of the research carried out by Sofia Vieira Lopes on the RTP Song Festival (funded by the FCT) and aims to bring the knowledge developed in her doctoral thesis to the public.
It's an RTP Inovação production. Six short videos were made from the documentary, which will be broadcast during the semi-finals (24 February and 2 March) and final (9 March) of the Song Festival.