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Reverberation is a sonic effect that has a profound impact in music. Its implications extend to many levels such as musical composition, musical performance, sound perception and, in fact, it nurtured the sonority of certain musical styles (e.g. plainchant). Such relationship was possible because the reverberation of concert halls is stable (i.e. does not drastically vary). However, what implications surface to music composition and music performance when reverberation is variable? How to compose and perform music for situations in which reverberation is constantly changing?  Wallace is an original digital software application developed to make a given audio signal to flow across different impulse responses (IRs), being used to compose music and research this topic.
Research Team
Filipe Lopes | Gilberto Bernardes | Clara Cardoso
Participating Institution
Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science
Since March 2017 until June 2020
Variable reverberation; maxMSP; music composition; sound; space