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This project focuses on Orquestra Geração, a Portuguese Sistema-inspired program for social inclusion through music, as an opportunity for the study of orchestral socialization in real-time and to reflect on the impact and implications of these socio-artistic and educational programs. More generally, it proposes a symmetrical perspective into El Sistema, Sistema-inspired and comparable projects by keeping open both to their potentially positive and negative aspects, necessary to the development of a rational and analytical rather than emotional approach to such programs (Baker 2014). It wishes to foster critical thinking by exploring the nuances but also the contradictions and ambivalences of such programs, as a means to acknowledge their complexity.

The publication of the thematic issue of the journal Music and Arts in Action – ‘El Sistema, Youth Orchestras and Ensembles as socio-artistic intervention: exploring ambivalence, contradiction, and complexity’ (in preparation) is one of the project outputs.


Pedro Santos Boia

Research Team

Pedro Santos Boia | Graça Boal-Palheiros | João Teixeira Lopes

Participating Institution

The Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto


Since January 2017 


Orchestral socialization; social inclusion; Orquestra Geração; El Sistema