• Piano
This project is based on the well-known and well-founded idea that the arts in general and music in particular, when developed with children, might open a space where «they might find the opportunity to rethink, reflect and create new meanings for their selves and the world that surrounds them. In my perspective, these are paths that should be in the center of an approach to education that has as its central focus the personal and social development of each child. In this respect, we feel that educators and artists who work for and with children and young people, have much to learn from each other, establishing dialogue that can substantially enrich the strategies used in formal education (the privileged space of teachers) but also non-formal and informal contexts where artists usually work.
This project thus addresses the theme of artistic education, thinking precisely of the bridges that can be established between the work developed by the artists, in non-formal and informal contexts and the work that is carried out by teachers and educators, in their daily actions at school. It is our purpose to contribute thus to the enrichment of both worlds, and, above all, to the improvement of children’s artistic and musical experiences.
Participating Institution
Sonoscopia Associação Cultural
Since September 2015 until 2020
Creativity; Experimentation; Soundscape; Music Education; Community