• Palco
The present project is an attempt to improve the success of children in school as a preparation for autonomy and a fulfilled path throughout their lives. The first stage of the project will be dedicated to the implementation of a new curricular approach, based on pedagogical differentiation, a strong emphasis on the arts and a new school culture, which can recognize the central role of school co community, including teachers, researchers and families working together with a view to a common goal. The second will be devoted to the construction of 10 sociological portraits, to better understand the potentialities of the pedagogical approach developed previously. The project emerges in a moment in which the Ministry of Education is launching a strong debate on curriculum flexibility and the role of the arts within the curriculum.  In our perspective this project might be an important medium to make a valuable contribution to this debate.
Research Team
Ana Luísa Veloso | Rui Ferreira | Graça Mota | Lígia Ferro | Maria Georgina Campos | Filipe Lopes | Sónia Barbosa
Participating Institutions
The Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto; Cluster of Schools of Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos
Since January 2015 until September 2019
Artistic Education; Interdisciplinariety; Pedagogical Differentiation; Creativity; Participatory action research; collaboration