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Projecto Plurianual 472
Using current theoretical perspectives from ethnomusicology, anthropology and performance studies, especially post-colonial studies and critical cultural politics, this project focused on the study of the role of music in post-colonial contexts (Goa and Cape Verde), among Portuguese emigrant communities in the US, and among immigrant communities in the Lisbon metropolitan area (Gujuratis, Cape Verdians and Goanese).

Publications and conference presentations focus on issues such as: the aesthetics and politics of expressive behavior, folklore and modernity in Portugal and diaspora, music as resistance in post-colonial Goa and Cape Verde, among migrant communities in the Lisbon metropolitan area, the influence of Bollywood Cinema on hindu-Gujurati diaspora in Mozambique and in Portugal, music and emotional communities, music, dance and collective memory, music identity, legacies of collecting traditional music in Portugal and Spain, music revivals in Spain and Portugal.