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Salwa Castelo-Branco

ref: PRAXIS XXI - POCTI/EAT/841/2001- 31/10/2006

This project carried out multidisciplinary research on all musical domains and related expressive behavior (dance, theatre, cinema) in 20th century Portugal, including popular, traditional and art musics, fado, jazz, and pop-rock. Through field and archival research, new knowledge was produced about, institutions, composers, performers, song-text writers, instruments, music and dances genres and styles, performance venues, media and the music industry.

- The most extensive musicological work ever published in Portugal: Encyclopedia of Music in 20th Century Portugal (2010) 4 volumes, over 1200 entries, about 1500 pages (360 per volume), 550 photographs, thematic and name indexes.
- Multimedia database on popular music and musicians in 20th century Portugal to be up-loaded in the website of Instituto Camões.
- PortMuse: 25 relational data bases on all domains of music in 20th century Portugal.