• Palco

Salwa Castelo-Branco

ref: PCSH/ANT/848/95 (1996 -1999)

This project carried out multidisciplinary research on music and related processes in migrant communities in the Lisbon metropolitan area with special emphasis on the Cape Verdian community. The project analyzed the processes of maintenance, transmission, reinterpretation, and change in the expressive cultures of selected communities and among professional musicians. Special attention was given to creative musical processes in the new context and to the role of music in the integration of communities in the host society, in the interaction between migrant communities, in the construction of identities, and in the maintenance and consolidation of migrants' ties with their home cultures.

Database on African Music, Musicians and Performance Spaces in Lisbon's metropolitan area
30 entries in the Enciclopédia de Música em Portugal no Século XX
Sons e Sabores (lectures and performances)
Dissertations and Articles