• Dança 2
Participating institutions
Alfonso BenettiFrancisco MonteiroTrond Engum, Øyvind Brandtsegg
This project will address the use of innovative technological approaches to problematize the relationship between artistic creation and interpretation in the context of Western-Art Music. The initiative will explore the possibilities of modern timbral shaping in the context of Western-Art piano repertoire using feedback and adaptive processing methods as modes of experimentation. Techniques to be used include the analysis of sound features departing from real-time playing and the use of extracted expressive control signals to adjust electronic processing.
Expressive features to be extracted include amplitude, rhythmic patterns, timbral sharpness, spectral density. Additionally, processing includes reverberation, convolution techniques, granular processing, spectral shaping, freezing and time modification. This way, new artistic products will be created advocating a rupture with the contemporary paradigm of representation in the European Western-Art Music. Thus, a new idea of authenticity emerges based on a perception of the past through innovative contemporary means: a new reality is reconstructed according to current mechanisms of understanding where, in practice, the original exists within a specific context and temporal space as part of the present.
Keywords: Artistic Creation; Technological Interfaces; Piano; Experimentation; Music Performance.