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Dance Studies

Researcher in charge: Project Start: Title
Paula Lebre 2019 Promoting Mental Health at Schools
Daniel Tércio 2018 TEPe - Technologically Expanded Performance
Paula Lebre 2018 Troca a Dar – Programa BIP/ZIP Lisboa 2017 - Parcerias Locais - BIP/ZIP 43 – Alfama
Lúcia Matos 2018 Contemporary dance(s) in a state of crisis: clues about the flows of macropolicies and micropolicies of dance in Portugal and Brazil
Gilead Marchezi Tavares 2018 Cognition and dance: an overview of learning as an embodiment of knowledge
Gustavo de Oliveira Duarte 2017 Men who dance: body and ageing process
Paula Lebre 2016 ENRETE - Enhancing Resilience Through Teacher Education
Filipa Malva 2016 Drawing and Performance: Creating Scenography
Paula Lebre 2016 Rescur em Ação
Paula Lebre 2015 Be Ready: Life Skills and Career Development: helping young people progress into success
Luísa Roubaud 2015 Danza durante la Guerra Civil y el franquismo (1936-1960): políticas culturales, identidad, género y patrimonio coreográfico
Daniel Tércio 2014 Practice-based research: the states of the body and the body-archive
Daniel Tércio 2013 TERPSICORE – Dance and Performative Arts database
Daniel Tércio 2013 Études en Danse Européennes In Progress: Methodologies Et Interdisciplinarités
Paula Lebre 2012 RESCUR: A Resilience Curriculum for Early and Primary Schools in Europe
Luísa Roubaud 2012 Anthropology: Politics and Displays of Culture and Museology
Daniel Tércio 2004 TeDance. Technologically Expanded Dance