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Domenico Scarlatti: Missed meetings of an illustrious contemporary of Nasoni
October 22th, 2018 | 17:00 | Building I&D |Room 0.06 | FCSH - NOVA


Domenico Scarlatti, son of famous opera composer Alessandro, is known in the history of music especially for his harpsichord sonatas composed first in Portugal from 1720, then in Spain until his death in 1757. Only in recent times, thanks to the research of a few scholars, Domenico's vocal and theatrical production was re-evaluated. Nasoni began his career in Rome as a painter in 1720, the year in wich Scarlatti left Italy forever to move to Lisbon and when Nasoni also arrived in Portugal around 1725, Domenico had already reduced his musical activity at court, then moving with a Neapolitan noblewoman in 1729, which lasted only one year, could not facilitate the meeting with Scarlatti. The report wants to highlight, using all the new information on theatrical music by Domenico Scarlatti, the interest of this production that is still almost unknown.