• Guitarra
21.10.2021 | 18:00 | Lisbon | Pimenta Palace
Amália Rodrigues acoustically materializes ideas, concepts, emotions and feelings that gravitate around the conceptual universe of Portugal. His voice, defined and shaped by a set of historical, political, aesthetic, physiological and biographical principles, embodies conceptions of class, education, gender, race, among others, and is a "place" of confrontation / meeting between the individual and its subjectivity / exceptionality and the structures and sociopolitical values in which it lives and with which it relates. In this presentation, we reflect on the role of the press in the production, communication and queenfication of discourses on the Amalian voice and figure, through the analysis of data collected in periodical publications, in the period between the artist's debut as a professional fado singer (in Retiro da Severa, in 1939) and the date of the first known phonographic records (made in Brazil, in 1945).
Composer, performer and researcher, Teresa Gentil is currently a doctoral student in ethnomusicology and a research fellow funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT - SFRH/BD/137392/2018).