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10.07.2021 | 19:00 | Grândola Municipal Library
The song is a weapon, wrote and sang Zé Mário. Gabriel Celaya, a Spanish poet, wrote the same thing about poetry and added ammunition: poetry is a weapon loaded with the future. The dialectic is old and known: What was born first, the word or the concept? Form or content? Sound or sign? If language influences - and in what way - our way of thinking, the intervention song, founded on the power of words, is never just a document nor serves only to remember the past. It fixes the present and shapes the future. It is from this place that we set out on a contemporary journey born of an ancient marriage: the word and song as a form of alert, intervention, protest. Today as yesterday, from Grândola, in search of a fairer tomorrow.
Pedro Lamares
Criation, Dramaturgy and Interpretation
Pedro Lamares and Rui David
Technical Direction and Light Design
Joaquim Madaíl
Production and Dissemination
Companhia Nacional de Espectáculos
Herdade da Malhadinha Noca
Observarório da Canção de Protesto
Município de Grândola
Associação José Afonso
SMFOG - Música Velha
Antena 1