• Bombos2
19.11.2020 | 17:30 | UA | Festivais de Outono
04.12.2020 | 13:00 | BR | Festival Entreartes
Debuting the edition of its Documentary and Film-Concert, we talk about a project with artistic and social purposes, inviting us to look, in retrospect, at the different meanings generated by the chimerical entity of Paluí, its sound stories, writings and interior songs. A journey made of circumnavigations germinated in music, moved by paluinautas from different galaxies and human universes. About the music where Paluí was born, it became a CD, turned into a book written by hundreds of children, animated videos and, finally, here recorded in a film, in a musical and scenic show. About the imagination that life 'touch' life. About the links between this and the school. About the poetry that is close to us and available to everyone.
"Paluí está aqui? Histórias Sonoras para cantos interiores" is a project developed by Helena Caspurro, professor at the Department of Communication and Arts and researcher at INET-md / UA. Pianist, songwriter and a jazz fusion genre, Helena Caspurro edited three CDs of original compositions: Mulher Avestruz (2003), Colapsopira (2009) and Paluí (2013).