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12.09.2020 | 17:00 | Coreto de Souto

13.09.2020 | 17:00 | Coreto de Sanfins

26.09.2020 | 17:00 | Coreto de Caldas de São Jorge

27.09.2020 | 17:00 | Coreto de Caldas de Vale





Banda Marcial do Vale will collaborate with a PhD project developed by Margarida Cardoso, who is a researcher of the INET-md, at the University of Aveiro. During September, this project will give a new life to the Santa Maria da Feira's "coretos". Vale's woodwind quintet was founded some weeks ago in this local philharmonic band and it will play various works, written by Portuguese composers, such as Frederico de Freitas, José dos Santos Pinto or Joly Braga Santos. The concerts will be commented on by the researcher. This project has the support of Santa Maria da Feira's municipality and INET-md and it is a result of the project "Our music, our world: philharmonic bands, musical associations and local communities", developed in this institute. The concerts' program includes works written to the National Woodwind Quintet, which was founded in 1950, in the context of the National Radiostation. This group played until 1976 and had Luiz Boulton (flautist, 1908-1994), José dos Santos Pinto (oboist, 1917-2014), Carlos Saraiva (clarinetist, 1910-2001), Ângelo Pestana (bassoonist, 1919-2002) and Adácio Pestana (horn player, 1925-2004) as members. Santos Pinto's woodwind quintet is an example of work whom public presentations are unknown, so this project brings to the public works which had just a few interpretations since the end of the group. Vale's woodwind quintet is constituted by five young musicians of Banda Marcial do Vale, namely, Sara Silva (flautist), Beatriz Oliveira (oboist), Mariana Cardoso (clarinettist), Cristiano Pinho (horn player) and Beatriz Cunha (bassoonist).




Banda Marcial do Vale

Quinteto de Sopros do Vale

Ana Margarida Cardoso



Quinteto de Sopros do Vale

Ana Margarida Cardoso



Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira



Sara Silva started her musical studies at 11 years old in Terras de Santa Maria’s Conservatoire. She presented herself as a flautist with Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa (BSP), Associação Recreativa e Musical Amigos da Branca (ARMAB), Orquestra e Banda Sinfónica de Jovens de Santa Maria da Feira, Banda Sinfónica da Bairrada, Orquestra de Sopros do DeCA (Universidade de Aveiro), Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras (OFB), Orquestra Filarmonia de Gaia, Orquestra da ESART (Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas de Castelo Branco), Camerata Nov’Arte and Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa (OFP). She participated in masterclasses conducted by Ory Schneor, Jerica Pavli, Emily Beynon, Kate Hill, Juliet Edwards, Julie Wright, William Bennett, Nuno Inácio, Ana Maria Ribeiro, Philippe Bernold, Adriana Ferreira, Christine Herlander Beard and Sophie Cherrier. Between 2015 and 2016 she had lessons with the singular Trevor Wye, inserted in his study “The Flute Studio” in England, where she developed the theme “the flute and nothing but the flute”. Sara integrated Daniels’ Satyre’s Duo (flute and percussion), playing at Autumn festivals (Aveiro) and Högskolan för Scen och Musik in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2015, she became a Master in Music Teaching at the University of Aveiro, where she was a teacher. She integrates the Organizing and Executive Committee of the “Flute: ‘Hands on’ Research” congress and in the present year, became a member of the International Community FlutePlay with her studio, FLUTURE Music Studio. Nowadays, she teaches in Academia de Música de Costa de Cabral, Oporto.


Beatriz Oliveira was born in 14th September 2000. She started her musical studies in Banda Marcial do Vale’s musical school, in Music Theory’s class (2006) and then in Oboe’s Class (2009) by the teacher Sónia Cadete. In 2011 she integrated the Academia de Música de Arouca, concluding the 7th year (2018), having Ana Filipa Assunção as her teacher. In that year, she started the New Technologies of Communication’s course at the University, where is finishing the 2nd year. To improve her studies in oboe, participated in lessons and masterclasses conducted by a lot of oboists, such as Ricardo Lopes, Telma Mota, Ana Sofia Maia, Hugo Teixeira, and so on. In the context of orchestral participation, she worked with a lot of conductors, such as Paulo Martins, Fernando Marinho, Alberto Roque, Luciano Pereira, Jorge Salgueiro, entre outros. Mariana Cardoso Mariana de Brito Cardoso is a musician from Seia and started her musical studies in clarinet’s class of the Conservatório de Música de Seia. In 2009, she begun the Licentiature in Musica at Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas of the Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (ESART), in Carlos Piçarra Alves’s class. She concluded the Master in Music Teaching (Instrument and Music Chamber subfields) at the same institution. Participated in masterclasses conducted by professors Bruno Graça, Paulo Matias, Isabel Tavares, João Pedro Santos, António Saiote, Cândida Oliveira, Jesus Villa Rojo, Juan Ferrer, Alfonso Pineda, Antonio Parejo, Alexandro Parejo and so on. She integrated various orchestras such as Orquestra da Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas de Castelo Branco, Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa – OCPzero, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Banda Sinfónica de Jovens de Santa Maria da Feira, Orquestra Nacional de Sopros dos Templários, Orquestra de Sopros Piaget, Banda Sinfónica da Covilhã, where she worked with a lot of conductors such as Erik Janssen, Luís Cardoso, Francisco Ferreira, Paulo Martins, Daniel Ferrero Silvage, Carlos Amarelinho, Pedro Neves, Reinaldo Guerreiro, João Paulo Santos, Maurizio Dini Ciacci, Ernest Schelle, Luís Carvalho, Pedro Carneiro, and so on. Mariana organized a lot of masterclasses, such as Clarinet Festival in Santar (Nelas), having Pedro Ladeira as Invited Clarinettist and gave clarinet, chamber music and music theory lessons in a lot of musical schools. Today, she is teacher in Conservatório de Música Terras de Santa Maria, FUSA – Academia de Música, Action Performing Arts Center and in Escola de Música da Banda do Vale.


Beatriz Cunha was born at 30th August 1997 in Lamego, Viseu. She startd her musical studies in Escola de Música de Perosinho (V. N.Gaia) in 2009/10 academic year, in the bassoon class of Cláudia Torres, where she concluded the 8th year. In the same year, she integrated the bassoon class of Professor Pedro Silva and concluded the Degree with Professor José Pedro Figueiredo, at the University of Aveiro. Today, she is finishing the Master in Music Teaching (Bassoon subfield) at the same university. Beatriz collaborated with wind and symphonic orchestras of the University of Aveiro, symphonic orchestra of ESMAE, Classical Orchestra of FEUP, Young Orchestra of Santa Maria da Feira, Orquestra Clássica de Espinho, Orquestra Clássica do Centro, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras e Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa. She worked with a lot of conductors such as Cesário Costa, Andreas Weiss, Rui Pinheiro, Luís Carvalho, Ernst Schelle, António Roque, Fernando Marinho, Diogo Costa, José Eduardo Gomes, Martin André, Jan Wierzba, Osvaldo Ferreira, António Saiote and Jean-Marc Burfin. In various improvement courses, she had the opportunity to work with bassoonists such as Paulo Martins, Ricardo Ramos, Virgílio Oliveira, José Pedro Figueiredo, Roberto Erculiani, Hugues Kesteman, Giorgio Versiglia, Carlo Colombo, Patrick de Ritis, Axel Benoit and Giorgio Mandolesi.


Cristiano Pinho was born in 1995 and is form Vale, Santa Maria da Feira. He started his musical studied in Banda Marcial do Vale at 9 years old, as student of Alcides Paiva. In 2005, he studied in Conservatório de Música de Fornos until the 8th year, with the professor Martha Oliveira and in 2013 in Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho, with Bernardo Silva. In the class of this professor, he concluded the Degree in Music at the University of Aveiro. He integrated a lot of orchestras such as Estágio Gulbenkian para Orquestra, Neue Philharmonie München, Orquestra Filarmónica das Beiras, Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa, Orquestra Clássica de Espinho, Art'ensemble, working with famous conductors such as Jean Sébastien Béreau, Pedro Neves, Jean-Marc Burfin, Joana Carneiro, Fuad Ibrahimov, and so on. Cristiano worked with well-knonwn horn players as Marie-Luise Neunecker, Javier Bonet, Soren Hermansson, Froidys Ree Wekre, Vicent Zarzo and Will Sanders.


Ana Margarida Cardoso started her musical studies in philharmonic bands in Portugal. She concluded the professional school of music in Escola Profissional da Serra da Estrela (EPSE) and after that, she wrote the book O oboísta e a plalhea dupla. She is graduated in Musical Sciences by FCSH (New University of Lisbon) and master in Music History Teaching by University of Aveiro. She was teacher of that discipline in Seia and Coimbra. Today, she is a PhD student of Ethnomusicology at University of Aveiro, with a scholarship by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) (SFRH/BD/129767/2017) and a member of INET-md, at the same university. She is researcher of the projects “Our music, our world: philharmonic bands, musical associations and local communities (1880-2018)” (PTDC/CPC-MMU/5720/2014) and “To be a musician in Portugal: the social and professional condition of musicians in Lisbon (1750-1985)” ((PTDC/ART-PER/32624/2017), supported by FCT. She organizes, with other colleagues, the Post-ip (International Post-Graduate Forum for Studies in Music and Dance) since 2017, in the context of INET-md and the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro. She is correspondent of Notícias da Beira Journal and DaCapo – Portuguese Music Magazine and a member of Arts and Imagem Association, in Seia (Portugal).





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