• Dança 6
02.03.2020 | 10:00 | Aveiro | DeCA UA | Room 40.1.8
How do musicians (ages 12-18) describe their process of building a musical identity? Who do individuals cite as their main influences, and what interactions challenged them and deepened their music-making? In this lecture, we will look closely at what it means to "be musical" and how we can support others to grow healthy musical selves.
A specialist in developing healthy and resonant children's singing voices in general and choral contexts, Elizabeth Cassidy Parker is Associate Professor of Music Education at Temple University and Co-Artistic Director of the Commonwealth Youth choirs, a youth choral program serving more than 600 singers. Parker's research focuses on gathering adolescent perspectives of music and identity. Her recently released book, Adolescents on Music, proposes a theory of adolescent musical identity development.