• Dança 2
13.02-04.04.2020 | Lisbon | CCB | Fábrica das Artes
Music is a good remedy for our daily ailments and the proof of this is that we "prescribe" it and use it to energize, calm, motivate and comfort. Music is present in our moments of solitude and reflection, but also in times of sharing and celebration. Amália Rodrigues understood very well the power of musical interpretation, using her voice to guide us through the most basic emotions and the most refined feelings. In this installation, we will listen to and feel it, prescribe it for the moods that define our humanity while, retrospectively, we draw the main moments of her artistic career, her life and the political and social contexts that her voice lived and followed. At Pharmácia Amália we find three spaces for three emotions. In each one there is a sound drug and a text with all the information necessary for the correct administration. This is the starting point for a journey through the life of the fado singer.
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