• Dança 6
December 5th and 6th, 2019 | 09:30-18:30 | Lisbon | Galveias Palace
The International Symposium Musics in Africa: Listening to Mozambique (ISMA19) is an output of the project Timbila, Makwayela and Marrabenta: one century of musical representation of Mozambique. This first edition, concerning Mozambique, aims for the understanding of the potential role of music and musicians in sociocultural processes in colonial and post-colonial contexts, questioning how and why the latter were determinant in social musical life. In order to grasp the dynamic flux of global cultural relations, past and present, we need to continuously rethink historical and ideological dichotomies, western perceptions and categories of thought within a critical frame. Imbued in relations of power and perceptions of cultural practices and geographical boundaries, music and musicians were, and still are, visually and aurally relevant for the embodiment of notions such as "nation" and "race", "metropole" and "colony", "Africa" and "Europe". Centered on music and music making, ISMA19 provides an opportunity for reflection on the articulation of politics of identity and musical representations of alterity over the historical relationship between Mozambique and Portugal.