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IC CIPEM 2019 Challenges in Music Education

September 19th to 21th, 2019 | Escola Superior de Educação | Instituto Politécnico do Porto
The CIPEM/ INET-md (Centre for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education/ Institute of Ethnomusicology, Centre for Music and Dance Studies) was created in 1998 by the Music Department of the Porto Polytechnic School of Education. In 2015, it became a branch of the INET-md, which has been a major development in its history.Throughout twenty years, CIPEM has carried out various research projects and organized national and international conferences, to foster research and contribute to professional development in music, psychology and education in Portugal. IC CIPEM 2019 aims to bring together researchers, teachers and musicians involved in music education, performance and composition, concerned with the current challenges of music education in a changing world and eager to reflect on the roles of music in peoples' lives in contemporary societies.