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IV International Conference
Rethinking Soundscapes: Communities, Heritage and Traditions +
4th Meeting of the ICTMD National Committee - Portugal
27-29 November 2024, University of Évora
The theme of Soundscapes has been the subject of extensive theoretical reflection, with contributions from various disciplinary areas such as Sound Studies, Anthropology, Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Historiography, Sociology, Geography, and Art Studies, among others. The polysemic nature of the concept, as proposed by R. Murray Schafer (1977), has allowed for cross-cutting perspectives, the crossing of knowledge and critical positions that demonstrate multi- and interdisciplinary approaches. Critiques and discussions about the flexibility of the concept are aimed in various directions, including objections to its use and new proposed definitions. The focus on ecological and creative aspects, as well as its connection to heritage, and the introduction of methodologies like soundwalking, offer rich opportunities for scientific exploration. The use of multiple approaches raises questions about the sound that is heard, recorded, archived, and analysed, who perceives it, and the context and conditions in which it is perceived. Soundscape is not limited to the act of listening and perception; it encompasses a network of meanings that need to be analysed from various perspectives, as part of a dynamic, complex, and culturally constructed reality.
The International Conference Rethinking Soundscapes: Traditions, Communities and Heritage, which coincides with the 4th Meeting of the ICTMD National Committee - Portugal is organised by the Centre for Studies in Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM) - Évora Branch/Music Department of the School of Arts of the University of Évora, as part of the IN2PAST Associated Laboratory, with partnership of the Institute of Ethnomusicology - Centre for Studies in Music and Dance (INET-md). We invite the academic community to submit their proposals for participation (paper/panel) on the themes to be addressed at the conference, based on the study of Soundscapes:
  1. Conceptual and methodological frameworks
  2. Local expressive practices, communities, and traditions 
  3. Sound, heritage, and historical soundscapes
  4. Processes of touristification and patrimonialisation
  5. Sustainability and ecology strategies
  6. Mapping and archiving practices
  7. Other proposals and approaches
Paper presentation proposal: 20-minute paper presentation, followed by 10 minutes discussion. Please submit your abstract (c. 300 words) and a brief biographical note (c. 100 words). In the proposal, please indicate your name and institutional affiliation.
In-person panel proposal: 90 minutes (three papers of 20 minutes each, followed by 10 minutes of discussion). A proposal must be submitted by the panel organizer (c. 300 words), including the abstracts of each presentation (c. 300 words). 
Panel proposal via Zoom (online): the same as the in-person panel. All participants should present via Zoom.
Official languages of the conference: Portuguese, Spanish, English.
Deadline for submissions: 30 July, 2024
Address for submissions: evorasoundscapes[at]gmail.com