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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)
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2019 a 2022
Research in instrumental lessons reveals a scenario where teachers employ a linear discourse which does not consider students’ self-constructions of concepts and meanings. On the other hand, some authors suggest that an effective process of communication depends on shared understanding between teacher and student. Therefore, the aim of this project is to understand the challenges, achievements and impacts of negotiating meanings and concepts in instrumental lessons.In order to achieve this aim, this study will adopt a flexible design with a mix method approach based on three different research strategies (i.e. observational studies, case studies, and action research) distributed into two main phases: (i) Phase 1 – Exploratory - which aims to identify and develop strategies to stimulate negotiation of meanings and concepts in; and (ii) Phase 2 – Spreading - The aim of this phase is to understand and assess the impact of the previously developed pedagogical approach in teaching practices in Portugal and overseas.The main expected outcome will be the emergence of a pedagogical approach based on strategies for optimizing communication processes in IT&L. Such outcome has been seen as of paramount importance to vocational training of future instrumental teachers who needs to respond appropriately to the variety of learners, intended objectives and surrounding contexts in IT&L.
Specialized music education; Instructional communication; Negotiating meanings and concepts; Mix method approach; Innovative approaches