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Sonoscopia Associação Cultural
The Atlas of Utopian Instruments is a set of instruments, sound sources and electroacoustic devices that act as mediators between the new possibilities of composition and musical performance.
Being a broad and long-term project, it involves several sound generators produced by Sonoscopia, that are now systematized regarding aspects such as sound production and aesthetic cohesion, so that they can be more easily studied, reproduced and adapted for musical and educational purposes. This process of analysis and reflection allows the development of new sound devices in a more structured way, dissecting and perfecting the cycle between musical instrument / composition / instrumental performance that is common to almost all musical instruments.
The Atlas of Utopian Instruments emerges from two elementary principles: active listening and the equality of sounds. The Atlas seeks to highlight unusual objects and sounds, and aims to offer them the visibility and importance that is usually given to any other musical instrument. Moreover, the Atlas of Utopian Instruments is composed by several instruments with different degrees of complexity, giving, therefore, a plural and representative voice to all people independently of their age, motor and intellectual capacities.
The Grupo Operário do Ruído is a case study that reports a possible approach to these instruments in a music community context. It is a group open to the participation of all those that wish to create and make music within a universe that goes beyond tonality, regardless of age, gender, physical or social condition. It is based, therefore, and much like the Atlas itself, on the principles that everyone is capable of making music and that music is open to the totality of sounds, regardless of their sound source. The work processes are based on the ideas of collaborative creativity, active participation and musical experience as a phenomenon that when actively engaged, has the power to transform personal and social realities.
New instruments, "Open music", creativity, music education, music and well-being, formal and non-formal contexts, music in the community.