• Caretos




  • Articulating the domains of Historical Musicology and Cultural Studies with performance practices from an interdisciplinary perspective;
  • Focusing on the sound dimension, bearing in mind that “thinking of music as ‘script’ rather than ‘text’ implies a reorientation of the relationship between notation and performance” (Cook: 2003), as well as the reconfiguration of Musicology as a discipline;
  • Engaging with several team members who are professional musicians within the movement of “Historically Informed Performance”;
  • Applying Ethomusicological perspectives to the history of early music performance, in particular orally transmitted traditions and the crossover between "Early Music" and "World Music";
  • Developing an "Applied Musicology" that can serve as a basis for artistic and pedagogical projects, taking into account Portuguese music from different periods, its performance practices and social and cultural contexts. 




  • Studying the history of musical interpretation and performance practices;
  • Rethinking concepts such as text, score, musical work, composer and performer, taking into account the notion of "Music as Performance";
  • Exploring several formats for the recuperation and public presentation of early musical repertoires and its contexts.