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  • Analysing the contribution of innovative programmes in Music Education toward the establishment of guidelines for nationwide implementation of music in schools and the cultural valuing of music in the community;
  • Intensifying research in Music Education and Community focusing on informal, non-formal and formal contexts where music takes place;
  • Collaborating with researchers of other Research Groups of INET-md in domains such as multicultural education and creativity (Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies Research Group) as well as dance and music in the educational context (Dance Studies Research Group);
  • Disseminating results of research through the organization of academic events, such as conferences, symposia, and forums of discussion.


  • Defining a strategy for a democratic and engaged Music Education;
  • Researching music education in the school curriculum and in socially inclusive projects;
  • Identifying styles of musical teaching and learning, musical identities, and alternative musical pathways;
  • Identifying affordances and constraints in implementing non-formal music education practices in formal school settings;
  • Promoting direct involvement in projects of community music.